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Pathway to Go Digital

This module will give the participants some new ideas of using text, images, sound and video when working with the computer and preparing their teaching lesson. Language teachers are always looking for new ideas when preparing their teaching materials, especially when preparing them on the computer. Of course, the subject matter is very comprehensive, therefore the focus will be on topics and activities that should be most useful for language teachers and will provide some interesting ideas for them.

But why digitise teaching material at all? The reasons are quite similar for all four types of media that will be covered. Text in its digital form can be edited and updated more easily than text on printouts. Electronic images can also be altered and adapted to one’s needs in a variety of image editing programmes some of which will be introduced in this course. In comparison to analogue video files can their digital counterparts be easily multiplied or edited without quality loss and can additionally be stored more conveniently. What is more, some of the disturbing elements that exist in the source copy (buzzing, colour distortion, etc.) can be easily removed during the digitizing process.

So, each of these media types will be looked at from the perspective of a language teacher, i.e. how to use them when teaching languages. This course should provide some tips and knowledge for using the computer for lesson planning and you give some tips for various kinds of language exercises that can be used in language lessons.

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