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How to Teach Online

This module focuses on virtual learning environments (VLEs) – virtual spaces like the one used in Click*, that are often also referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMSs). They will be explored in the context of computer-mediated communication (CMC), that is, exchanges between people who use the computer as the medium for their communication (instead of, for example, a telephone).

The focus will be on specific tools such environments offer and how they can be used in language learning and teaching. These include forums (written platforms used to communicate and interact), blogs (online diaries), and wikis (collaborative writing spaces). Participants will examine the features of these tools and reflect on their potential for language learning and teaching. They will find out how established theories about language learning can explain what happens when we set out to learn a language online and inform the way participants teach languages online using a specific tool or even a set of tools. A reflection of the skills that an online tutor needs concludes the module.

Participants will use and build on their own experience and the experience of their learning partners in this course. They will work both individually and together, using online material, texts that are provided as well as their own teaching materials. With VLEs and online communication being the theme of this course, it is only fitting that the exchanges will take place in a virtual learning environment. This will give the participants hands-on experience by using, for example, the course forum to exchange ideas and debate issues, and a wiki to co-construct knowledge on online teaching and learning.

In Online Communication in Virtual Learning Environments you will explore the online tools for communication and collaboration and their potential use in the context of language learning and teaching in general terms. The course introduces a number of different tools that are available in a virtual learning environment and examines how they can be used to complement face-to-face teaching or be integrated in a distance course. It deals with the advantages and disadvantages of open-source VLEs such as Moodle (the free, open source tool that Click* is using), and on the characteristic features of tools available in such VLEs.

Language Learning Theories and Online Communication introduces participants to how established theories about language learning can explain what happens when we set out to learn a language online and how they can inform the way languages are taught online. The course examines online communication from a cognitive and a sociocultural perspective, and participants discuss, for example, how social and cultural factors affect learning.

The course Online Communication Tools examines the potential and challenges of using online communication tools to support language learning and teaching and how they can be combined in a blended learning approach. Participants will reflect on the use of forums, blogs, wikis and audio and videoconferencing for language learning and teaching as well as gather ideas for complementing their face-to-face teaching by using online communication tools or integrating them in a distance course.

The skills that an online tutor needs and the role(s) that s/he potentially plays online is at the centre of What Does it Take to Teach Online? Participants will reflect on the social aspects of online learning, examine more closely one form of learning particularly suited to online environments, namely collaborative learning, and look at the design of online tasks. Finally, they will write a set of golden rules about how to realize the potential as well as deal with challenges of online tools.

This module is equally relevant for teachers who want to complement their face-to-face or correspondence teaching with online elements, or those who are preparing to teach a course fully online.


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