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Školící moduly

1. Pathway to Go Digital - former modul 1

This module will give the participants some new ideas of using text, images, sound and video when working with the computer and preparing their teaching lesson.

2. How to Teach Online - former modul 2 

This module focuses on virtual learning environments (VLEs) – virtual spaces like the one used in Click*, that are often also referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMSs). They will be explored in the context of computer-mediated communication (CMC), that is, exchanges between people who use the computer as the medium for their communication (instead of, for example, a telephone).

3. How to Teach with ICT in the Classroom - former modul 3

The aim of this module is to show participants how to successfully weave Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into their daily classroom procedures.

4. ICT Tools for Task-Based Activities: Part 1 - former modul 4

A growing number of people are using the internet as a platform to upload photos and other material or simply exchange information and share opinions, files and even bookmarks.

Computer Mediated Communication
- Blogs
- Podcasts
- Wikis
- Online Polls

5. ICT Tools for Task-Based Activities Part 2 - former modul 5

In part 2 of the tools for task-based activities the focus will be on tools that promote independent and self-directed learning. Teachers can create complex learning activities like webquests where students have to use the internet as resource target-oriented and sufficiently to find specific information.

- WebQuests
- Language Concordancers
- Interactive Exercises

6. ICT Tools for Task-Based Activities Part 3 - former modul 6

The focus in the last part of tools for task-based activities is on tools that deal with researching and retrieving information from different types of encyclopaedia in a fast and efficient way.

- Online Dictionaries and Encyclopaedia
- Social Bookmarking

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